Bonds Can Be Confusing...

Bonds Can Be Confusing...

...But VG Bail Bonds is here to help you understand your options in Glendale, Pasadena & Burbank, CA

Are you trying to decide on a bail bond? Trust VG Bail Bonds to go over your options with you in detail.

The most common types of bonds include:

  • Cash bonds - In this case, the accused must pay bail with cash, though sometimes credit cards are accepted. If the accused appears in court, the money will be returned.
  • Surety bonds - A friend or relative may contact a surety (insurance) agency. Then, a surety agent will appear with the accused in court and pledge to pay the full amount if the accused does not make their court appearance.
  • Property bonds - The accused's possessions are used as collateral in order to ensure bail payment. The court will place a lien on the property and the accused will forfeit ownership if they don't appear in court.
  • Immigration bonds - If the accused is being held by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement department (or ICE), they'll need an immigration bond to be released from custody. These are similar to surety bonds.
  • Personal recognizance - A law enforcement agency may interview the accused and declare that the accused should be released on their own recognizance (without financial insurance guaranteeing their return).
  • Release on citation - The arresting officer will issue a citation to the accused which will act a summons to appear in court.

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We can provide valuable insights into the different bond options available, tailoring the solution to fit your unique circumstances. We'll also guide you through the entire bail process, easing stress during an already challenging time.

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